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Sharon Gonwa, Managing Broker

Sharon Gonwa, Managing Broker

Certified Staging Consultant
Service * Integrity * Results

My Motto Since 1985. 
1st Choice Homes Realty, 2021 Midwest Rd, Ste 200, Oak Brook, IL 630-495-2888
1st Choice Homes Realty began in April 2003, with the major emphasis on the client and offering superior services to our clients.  We've built a reputation for honesty, integrity, trust and communication - you to us and us to you.  We have survived the recession!

Prior to that, top honors, awards and recognition was earned while working at 2 RE/MAX offices (11 years total) where I was honored in their national RE/MAX paper as being an industry leader.  I also worked at a Century 21 office for 7 years that started in 1985.  You were at a "hip" office if it had a fax machine.  That's going way back.  Contract forms were a few pages, now they are over 12 pages. Times have certainly changed.  But the basics have not.  

My job is about people, always has been, always will be and doing my best to help them with their individual needs and goals.

It’s all about my client.  

Doing my best to help you succeed.

People are my business, real estate is my profession.

My objective is to assist my clients by utilizing aggressive action systems, back by many years of experience, professional skills and strong ethics so clients can reach their real estate goals with the best possible results for their unique situation.

Technology and real estate:  All the technology in the world will never replace a caring agent's knowledge, experience or advice. There are just too many variables to take into consider because each clients situation and/or goal is unique to them.  Technology can never listen to your concerns, help you determine your options or give you advice to guide you in the best direction. Technology, computers, the internet, etc. are merely tools to assist us in doing a better, more efficient job for our clients.

You'll always receive my best, but...

One thing I've learned over the years is that I can't be all things, to all people, all the time.  I will always try my best, but when it isn't working, for either of us, it is sometimes better for both of us to refer you to another agent with whom you'll feel more comfortable or will better suit your personal requirements.

Trust your instincts...

Quite often I'm asked by a client what they should do. I'll always present your options and review the pros and cons for those options with you so you can feel comfortable about making an informed, intelligent decision for yourself.  But it has to be your decision.  Nor will I keep "pushing" something, even if I think you really should.  Once you give me your answer, I go with that.  Trust your instincts when buying or selling property and/or working with an agent.  Don't let anyone "talk you into" anything or try to rationalize a decision to buy, sell or list because you'll probably end up regretting your decision and may be stuck with it's consequences for some time.  I can pretty much guarantee that you'll know when it feels like the right things to do.  I will advise you to think it over, write down the pros and cons for 1-3 days if you are struggling with a big decision.  I don't want you to feel pressured.  Unfortunately, if there is a property and more than one buyer is interested, you may have to make decisions quicker than you would otherwise. But again, it's your choice.  I only ask that you do what you are comfortable doing whether you are buying or selling.  

Sharon's No Call Policy

I HATE SPAM and solicitations.  You have my word that I will not be a pest.  I use email a lot because it seems better for many people since most live such busy lives.  Phone calls are sometimes necessary though and will be used when needed. You deserve that respect, consideration and courtesy.  Obviously if you prefer a call, then let me know.  

Office visits by appointment only

I am in the office by confirmed appointment only.  Most of my work is "out in the field", meeting and talking to people, doing reports, taking photo's, doing inspections and the like.  I also have another non-public office where I do a lot of work, free from the noise and distractions of a busy office.  

My schedule can change on a dime and I can't possibly keep my secretary updated with every little change, otherwise we'd never get anything else done.  So if you call and I'm out, please leave a detailed message.  Speak slowly and clearly, repeat your name and phone number.  

My secretary is not allowed to give my cell phone number either - no matter how much you beg.  She will call me if it's a real emergency - just tell her it's very important and she'll leave no stone unturned trying to get me.  I'd hate for you to make a wasted trip.
I promise not to spam - ever. I don't have time for it and I hate receiving it as much as you.  Email is probably better since I'm out in the field so much.  

We look forward to being your trusted real estate partner.


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You agree your use of this website is strictly for your personal, non-commercial use to help identify properties you may be interested in purchasing or to assist in finding an agent to 
represent you in selling your property.  Any other use is strictly forbidden. 

My favorite four letter word - SOLD!

I'd consider it an honor and privilege to help you with your real estate needs - or someone you may know that needs professional real estate services. 

My websites are created for you and are focused on buyers and sellers needs and wants - not mine.

This has been the way I've conducted business my entire career, since 1985 - putting my clients first - always.

We will work at your pace, toward your unique goals, with the least amount of pressure and hassles as humanly possible.

Take care and than you for visiting my home on the web.


Sharon Gonwa, 
Managing Broker
1st Choice Homes Realty