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FYI  -  calling property information numbers - usually toll free #'s 

Thought you'd like to know that even if your number is unlisted, your phone number will be displayed on someone's phone with your number so they can call you back asking if you'd like more information than what could be put on the phone system.

We never do that.  We respect and honor people's desires to remain anonymous until they are ready.

We believe that when you are ready and have questions, you will call us.

 Home and Property Search Options

It's reported that over 90% of buyers begin looking on the internet for properties before meeting with an agent.

While it's exciting to look at properties, photo's, descriptions and dream it also consumes a lot of time.

FYI, we do not handle rentals at all.  We do not help you look for rentals and help an owner rent their property. 

For the serious buyer, ready to move click the graphic below.  

Automated emails meeting your property criteria sent as they become available. The easiest, most thorough way to find your next property. Save time, money and your sanity.  We make it easy to find what you want.
Incomplete forms are automatically deleted as they are deemed spam 
and not legitimate requests.

We need to know the 
must have property features you want 
the areas you want and 
the max price you qualify for.  

We'll create a customized website for you to use. It's easy to manage.  It includes a favorites folders, share what you find and more features make it so easy to organize your search and zero in until you find what you're looking for.

The first email you receive will be the largest because it will have every single property that meets your criteria, from every single office.  

From then on, only new properties or changed properties will be sent to you for review.  Up to six times a day.  We are a no spam office - promise.  

You can modify your search criteria any time you want also.

***Please note: if you say you want 2 baths - that is 2 full baths, but if 1 full bath and a half bath will work for you then use that as your criteria.  Because if your search is set up for a minimum of 2 baths, but a new listing comes to market with only 1.5 baths and has everything else on your wish list, you'll never see it because it technically doesn't meet your search criteria with 2 baths.

You will receive every listing, from every office that meets your criteria.  

If you are not quite ready yet or just want to explore different areas, get an idea of prices, etc. - no problem.  

Click the graphic below to self search properties in the MLS. You will see most, but perhaps not all because some offices and some sellers do not want their listings openly displayed on the internet.

Self search the MLS for homes, condo's, townhouses, apartment buildings in Burr Ridge, Clarendon Hills, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Western Springs, Oak Park, River Forest, Riverside, IL

We look forward to being your trusted real estate partner.


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represent you in selling your property.  Any other use is strictly forbidden.

Incomplete forms are automatically  deleted as they are deemed spam and not legitimate requests.

No hassle property information.  

Email us for property information when you see an ad or sign and we'll send you the property information.

Email us the information you have, we'll email you the details.  No hassles, no spam.

We need the address and city (or at least the intersections and city), a description of what you saw or what you read.

Or the MLS number - 8 digits long, usually beginning with 08 or 09