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Our kids made a "monthly game" going from one smoke detector to another and pushing the test button.  They'd get to replace the battery if it needed it.  

They had fun doing it and it's important.  We found out we needed a new smoke detector a couple of times - not just a battery!

Oh, don't forget to create and practice an emergency escape route with all family members.

Have a certain place to meet at if you can't get together in the house.  

Please stress to everyone to stay low to the floor and just get out. 

Don't try to take anything with you.  

Fires spread much quicker and intensifies more  rapidly than most of us can imagine.  Most often you only have a couple of minutes at most, sometimes only seconds.  Be safe.  

Sometimes, your local fire department will gladly come by to give you fire safety tips about your home and help create an escape route.  The kids will be very impressed to say the least! 

 Insurance Information

An awesome and scary sight.  A home on fire. 

As a home buyer, and present home owner you must make sure you have adequate home insurance protection.  You never know when you'll need it.

Make sure to review your policy yearly, or when you receive a notice about changes in your coverage.  As one person 
put it, the large print giveth, the small print taketh away. 

In order to make sure you have adequate coverage you'll also need to stay on top of your property's value. 

I've included links here with helpful information and articles.  As a prospective home owner and as a current homeowner, you'll probably find information here worth knowing. 

Of course, I'm not an insurance agent so specific questions should be addressed to your insurance agent.

Interesting resource link for information (for informational purposes only, not to be considered a recommendation under any circumstances).

Insurance closing tips for buyers

Special Note:  As soon as you have a contract call your insurance agent to make sure there won't be any problems getting insurance coverage for the property you want.  Unfortunately, there have been problems getting insurance in order to close the sale.

Also, it's wise to install carbon monoxide detectors too.  And keep a supply of batteries, flashlights in each room, ready to use when needed.


Check or test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly and 

replace the  batteries if needed!

We look forward to being your trusted real estate partner.


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Let's hear three rounds of cheering for our courageous firemen and policemen!