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Research these topics online to help pre-determine your home inspection questions you can ask while we are at your home inspection. 

Partial List of  Topics:



Electrical Systems

Fire Damage

Structural Damage

Heating System

Hot Water Heater

Lead-Based Paint

Oil Leakage


Pitched Asphalt Roof

Slate Roof

Flat Roof

Rotted Wood


Water in Basement 

Any links contained in this web site are for informational purposes only to get you started.  In no way are the links to be considered an endorsement of any kind. You still need further research other resources on your own until you feel comfortable knowing all you need to know about each of these, and other inspection issues so you can make informed decisions you feel are best for you and your situation.  Here are some links to get you started on your own research.  Take notes!

Termites. Carpenter Ants, and Other Inspections


They are here, there, and virtually everywhere. We strongly encourage a pest inspection be done for all properties being sold. These are not welcome little creatures by any means.  The same goes for carpenter ants and all other such destroying, annoying insects.


Terminix - lots of good information 

Heimer Company - great site for lots of stuff, including termites

Some Questions & Answers

The Bug Clinic

The Bug-Guy



Other Inspections


Here are other inspections some buyers have done.  Read about them and decide if you want any of these, or other, inspections done for any property you're considering buying. Some people feel very strongly about these issues and inspections while others feel the issues have  been exaggerated.  As with many things in life, you need to educate yourself on these issues then decide what you want to do for yourself.   This is a personal choice that you have to make because we have to let the sellers/sellers agent know your decisions at the time we present your offer to purchase.  


If you ask us, we advise clients to get these inspections done to be on the safe side and learn as much as possible about the property they want to buy.  Again, it's your choice which of these tests you want done.


Air Quality

More Info



EPA Asbestos

More Info


EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems) - Synthetic Stucco

Stucco Law

EIFS Alliance

EIFS and Building Defects


Foam Insulation

EPA Foam Insulation

More Info


Lead Paint Inspections

EPA Lead

More EPA Info

More Info

Info & Picture


Mold Inspections 

EPA Mold

Mold Help


Oil Leaks


More Info


Radon Inspections

EPA Radon

More Info


Termite/Pest Inspections

See above


Water Issues

EPA Water

More Info

 Home, Pest and Other Types of Inspections

We highly recommend a professional property inspection.

As of January 1, 2003 the State of Illinois Home Inspector License Act became effective requiring all companies or persons involved in the home inspection process to be licensed by the State of Illinois in accordance with the Home Inspectors License Act.  Make sure you ask to see proof of licensing when you hire an inspector or check them out at the states licensing webpage.



Home inspections are strongly advised for so many reasons.  In Illinois, the seller is required to give you a Residential Property Disclosure (up to four units) form when selling.  Of course, there are some exceptions to this law.  The sellers are legally required to tell you about problems or defects they know about for the property.

Our experience has been generally, sellers are fairly honest about their property's condition, because they know if they're not they may have serious and expensive legal problems down the road.  

Sometimes, sellers don't realize they may have a problem in the making with a component of their property.  For example: from the outside the roof appears to be okay.  Yet the roof may be showing signs of leakage in the attic.  So far, it hasn't been enough to penetrate the ceiling in the house, and since the seller has never been in the attic crawl space, they're not aware of it. 

However, it does show up during the home inspection process when the professionally trained home inspector goes into the attic area to get a good look around.  The home inspector sees some discoloration on a couple of the roofs beams and traces the source to a water leak.  Given time of course, it will become a greater problem and more expensive to fix.  Now, the home inspector will let the buyer know about the leakage so it can be addressed between the seller and buyer, their respective agents and attorneys.
Problems that are relatively easy to discover are called "patent defects".  Problems that may be hard or impossible to discover are known as "latent defects".  And of course, no one can see inside walls, under floors, etc.

When looking around for home inspectors you want to make sure they have the credentials to do their job correctly, and can provide proof of being licensed by the state of Illinois as a home inspector.  An ASHI recognized inspector is a good place to start.  For our clients we have recommendations we will share with you to get you started.

What does the inspector check? This depends on the company you select.  Here are some of the things most home inspectors might check when doing their inspection (check with the inspectors you talk to for their specific items covered during the home inspection - what's included, what's excluded):




Roof, Chimney
Overhead Garage Doors
Brick, Siding, Trims
Porches, Decks, Patios
Windows, Doors
Ceilings, Walls
Basement, Crawl
Air Conditioning
Termite Tests - extra $  (?)
Radon Tests - extra $  (?)
Lead Paint Tests - extra $ (?)
Mold Tests - extra $ (?)
Other tests - consult inspector

We strongly encourage that you attend the home inspection for several reasons.  Since we are REALTOR's® and not trained inspectors, you need to rely on someone who has the training, experience and credentials for the job, and can answer your questions.

You will need to understand any problems that arise from the inspection so the repair or replacement, etc.of any problems can be negotiated with the seller through me and/or your attorney.

Another important reason is the knowledge you'll gain from the inspector explaining how the systems in your new home work, steps to take to keep your home running smoothly for years to come, and possible steps to consider so you'll be proactive rather than reactive about maintenance.

If you've thought about major improvements to your new home, sometimes, if you run your idea by the inspector they may be able to give you tips about how to make it better or more workable, or they may be able to tell you that it may not be such a good idea to pursue and why.  

However, since they are or should be only working for you, they can't recommend anyone to do the work because it would be a conflict of interest for them.  At least, you'll get valuable feedback.  An example of this would be if you wanted to install a pool, but the location you were thinking about wouldn't best because of landscaping issues and the gutter locations, etc. that in the long run could cause maintenance problems with the pool and the house.  The inspector could point this out to you and suggest you consider moving it to another location.

Do your research to ask them questions important to you before you hire them.  Of course while we're at the property during your inspection other questions/issues may arise. 

The costs for a professional home inspection run any where from $150 to several hundred dollars for the average home, depending on what you want done, the property size, etc..  Some buyers only want certain elements checked, others want a very thorough, detailed inspection.  You need to decide which you prefer.  Special tests and larger homes will increase the cost.  But I believe it's money well spent.  Home inspections have saved our clients thousands of dollars over the years.  It's really a small price to pay for peace of mind.

We look forward to being your trusted real estate partner.


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Get a good idea of what you're buying or selling - a good way to protect your investment and your peace of mind by getting a home and pest inspection from a qualified inspector.

Buyers can find out about the operations of the property they want to buy and address any concerns raised by a professional inspection and/or testing.

Sellers can find out about any possible problems and have them corrected before putting their property on the market and hopefully deter any unwanted surprises after the sale is closed.

Peace of mind for both the home seller and home buyer.


 We expect total honestly from any inspector you choose.  We'd expect them to point out problems, potential problems or concerns,  to be qualified to answer in detail any questions you may have, etc., so you can make wise informed decisions.


We do not want your property inspection compromised in any way.  If their report reveals problems and concerns, we'll address these issues through your attorney, who will correspond with the other attorney.  If we cannot reach a satisfactory agreement between all parties concerning these issues, then you need to decide what you want to do in accordance with your contract terms,  other negotiations and agreements that have since been made: proceed with the purchase/sale or to cancel the contract in a timely manner and move on.


Sellers please note that you will be required to disclose any known problems in writing that exist with your property on your Property Disclosure Form that is given to prospective buyers.  Be honest above all else.

EPA Home

Environmental Protection Agency